Current Lab Members
Prof. Adam Shuhendler

Principle Investigator


Don't Stop Me Now


Alexia Kirby
Dr. Mojmír Suchy

Research Associate


Richard Wagner

Zachary Comeau
Yen Truong

M.Sc. Student

Shake It Off

Taylor Swift

Omar Idrissi

Ph.D. Student


Il Padrino

Nino Rota

Ph.D. Student

Estasi Dell'oro

Ennio Morricone

Honours Student

Is This Love

Bob Marley

Christine Wong

Honours Student


Come As You Are


Ryan Daniel

Honours Student

The Scientist


Jacob Varney

Research Focus Student

The Sound of Silence

Simon & Garfunkle

Former Lab Members
Ehsen Tayyabi

Ph.D. Student - U of T Chemistry

Trina Dang

Dentistry Student, U Penn

Caitlin Lazurko

M. Sc. Student - uOttawa BMI

Mackenzie Reed
Lubina Nayyak
Wei Gan
Scott Foster
Daniel Pau
Jacob Cuthbert
Maddy McKeen
Andrea Brouwer
Ivana Radonjic

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